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Ford Physical Therapy



Tom Ford earned a PhD in Biomechanics (1998) from Auburn University before entering the University of Alabama Birmingham to complete his Physical Therapy degree (2000). 

Tom spent fourteen combined years teaching at Auburn University, the University of Montevallo and Auburn University Montgomery in the area of Exercise Science and taught courses in Health and  Wellness, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics and Physical Education. 

Tom has practiced physical therapy in a variety of settings and in 2007, he opened a small family-run, physical therapy private practice in Montgomery, AL where he specializes in spine care.  Much of what he practices is a direct result of learning to manage his own back problems.  The individualized, quality time spent with each patient has given him the opportunity to guide patients to a healthier lifestyle by encouraging health and wellness. 

A six-year continuing education instructor, Tom ultimately desires to help other therapists simplify the evaluation and treatment of lumbar, sacro-ilial and pelvic dysfunctions and communicate a thoroughly Christian and scientific perspective on health and wellness.

Tom has been married to his wife, Leigh, since 1991 and they have eight children. Together they own and operate Ford Physical Therapy and Ford Physical Therapy Seminars. 

Tom Ford, PhD, PT